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Chemical Dependency Counselor License Exam Question List


Which of the following case management models can sometimes increase or intensify problems for some clients?

  1. Assertive community treatment model
  2. Strength-based model.
  3. Clinical/ rehabilitation model.
  4. Strength based model
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42 Most of these case management models were adopted from the mental health treatment plan; one was not. Which one was not?
  1. Assertive community treatment model.
  2. Clinical/ rehabilitation model.
  3. Community treatment model.
  4. Strength based model.
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A long-term heroin addict has been picked up for the third time for breaking and entering. There is no insurance to cover treatment and he does not have a job. What is the best option for him?

  1. Recommend that he plead guilty so he can get clean in prison
  2. Refer him to a methadone program
  3. Tell his legal counsel to take a plea deal for commitment into a rehab program
  4. None of the above
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