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Chemical Dependency Counselor License Exam Question List


Why should you epxlain the need for an assessment to adult clients?

  1. To encourage the client to enlist the help of a spouse to approve the questions
  2. To assist in building client rapport and cooperation
  3. So that the client will not interrupt and ask questions
  4. To allow the client to reword the questions
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7 What would be the reason for the psychiatric assessment?
  1. The client presents difficulties in focusing and low motivation.
  2. It is an additional procedure for which the client can be charged.
  3. This assessment could identify a possible physical problem.
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8 During the counselor’s interview with a potential client the client kept calmly asking that the knife be removed from her stomach. What would be the most important for the counselor to act on?
  1. Take the opportunity early on to persuade the client that she is a drug addict. Argue there is no knife. Ask her to describe it.
  2. If the client’s other responses seem reasonable complete the interview saying you would get some help as soon as this interview was completed. Refer the client to the appropriate medical staff.
  3. Now is the time to assert your authority and set bounds. Tell her she is faking and this behavior will interfere with her treatment.
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10 A seventeen year old girl is arrested for possession. She denies using drugs saying she was given some just before arrested. She is pregnant. Recently the procedure has been to jail pregnant chemical abusers until delivery to protect the unborn child. As this is the child’s first arrest the judge is reluctant to do that. As your treatment center provides education to that precinct your center was called. What course would you advise?
  1. Administer the TWEAK and give the results to the judge to decide.
  2. Administer the TWEAK, interview the adolescence and parents to determine the extent of the drug usage. Recommend appropriate treatment outside of jail if the interview and assessment indicates a beginning drug dependency and one is available that is better than jail.
  3. Do your best to persuade the judge to keep the adolescent in jail until delivery as releasing her would put the child at risk.
  4. Talk to the parents about begging the judge to refer the adolescent to your treatment center as you treat adolescents and have a good program.
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