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Chemical Dependency Counselor License Exam Question List

26 Which of the following are not considered a suicide risk?
  1. Single and over 65.
  2. A long history of depression.
  3. Having an alcohol or drug abuse diagnosis.
  4. Female over the age of twenty one.
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What of the following items is not a reason to be familiar with the DSM-5?

  1. Counselors often refer to these psychiatric codes for assistance in assessing a comprehensive, diagnostic personality impression.
  2. LCDC counselors sometimes find it necessary to update their copy of this psychiatric code as it is revised periodically.
  3. Experienced counselors may have accrued enough knowledge while working with clients to be able to establish the extent of the client’s substance abuse relapse potential without consulting this instrument.
  4. Counselors need to be able to identify disorders by this assessment to better help client plan for successful long term recovery.
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29 What instrument assesses anxiety as a direct physiological consequence of a drug and/or medication abuse?
  1. The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory
  2. The Strong interest Inventory.
  3. The Wechsler Adult Intelligence.
  4. The Mental Status Exam.
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30 What is the proper diagnosis for a direct physiological consequence of a drug or medication abuse?
  1. Substance Abuse Mood disorder.
  2. Obsessive-compulsive disorder.
  3. Cognitive Disorders.
  4. Acute Stress Disorder.
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