Social Work Masters Exam Prep - Question List

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Cognitive behavioral therapy is a combination of the two theories. It aims to solve problems through a goal-oriented systematic procedure. Social workers who practice this intervention believe an individual's behaviors and feelings are cause by:

  1. People
  2. Thoughts
  3. Situations
  4. Events

Samantha's week has been extremely hectic. She worked with fivedifferent families that placed children at risk, although not intentionally. The social worker fell behind in her documentation to address other more serious problems. Samantha receives a phone call from one of the clients stating they have been evicted. The social worker was supposed to connect the family with an agency who could have prevented this and helped them relocate. Which of the following chores is time sensitive?

  1. Risk assessment
  2. Documentation
  3. Service referrals
  4. None of the above

What type of therapist interacts with individuals to bring about change in their thoughts, behaviors, and feelings through adaptation?

  1. Sex therapist
  2. Psychotherapist
  3. Behavior therapist
  4. Cognitive therapist

Covert conditioning relies on a person's capacity to utilize imagery and is often a component of self-help methods. Psychologists have researched the ability of an individual's mind to generate these pictures as a solution to improve typical situation reactions. Covert conditioning is an example of which basic principle?

  1. Positive reinforcement
  2. Stimuli
  3. Behavior modification
  4. Imagery conditioning

Shelly seeks the help of a social worker for problems she is having with her personal life. She is married to John and has two daughters that are just reaching adolescence. The client reports her husband has been having extramarital affairs for three years. He doesn't try to hide them, and Shelly is quite aware of what is going on. She will not leave John because he is the only income provider and her daughters are very close to their father. What is the ideal therapy for Shelly?

  1. Self-centered
  2. Person-centered
  3. Conflict resolution
  4. Cognitive

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