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Mrs. Gardner is a first-grade teacher who uses a variety of approaches to teaching literacy. She begins each day with Circle Time. During this portion of the morning, she introduces new vocabulary by showing her students the words, modeling them being sounded out and written, and then has the students do a variety of creative activities with the words. She then reads them a short, patterned book containing the words. She uses multiple readings and encourages choral reading. She may also use cloze activities and student-made books to extend the students’ learning. Mrs. Gardner’s teaching style most likely models which approach to learning?
  1. Alternative assessments
  2. Differentiated instruction
  3. Constructivism
  4. Collaborative
Answer: B - Mrs. Gardner’s teaching style most likely models the differentiated instructional approach to learning. The wide variety of activities and many ways the students can demonstrate their mastery levels allow her to formatively assess her students’ ability levels and adjust her instructional activities accordingly. The wide diversity of activities also provides opportunities for the students to use a variety of learning modalities such as visual, tactile and kinesthetic intelligences.
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