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In which, if any, of the following instances would the Limits of Confidentiality in psychotherapy no longer apply?
  1. With a parent who is not only paying for her child’s therapy but has provided informed consent, then subsequently demands updated reports about what is taking place in the treatment sessions.
  2. When children give strong reason to believe that they intend to harm either themselves or others.
  3. When the psychologist is asked to testify in court in child abuse and neglect cases.
  4. All of the above.
  5. None of the above.
Answer: D - Although a minor child may specifically ask that all of the information disclosed in that child’s report remain confidential, the child’s parents might still exercise their legal right to be privy to that information, which the psychologist must respect. Psychologists also have a legal responsibility to disclose any and all potentially helpful information in situations where the safety of the child or anyone else is at serious risk. That includes not only situations where the child performs or threatens to perform a harmful act but cases where there is a reasonable suspicion of child abuse and neglect.
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