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A study was designed to analyze the effects of sun and wind exposure on skin damage in base jumpers. One group of jumpers wore SPF 50 sunscreen, while another group did not wear sunscreen. After 2 years, the progression of skin damage was reassessed. Which of the study designs would describe this study?
  1. Case control study
  2. Cohort study
  3. Randomized controlled trial
  4. Case report
Answer: B - A cohort study would best describe this study. A cohort study looks at the rates of disease development in patients who are not exposed to a risk factor, and those patients who are. A case report is a study of one patient experiencing an illness. A case control study compares patients with and without a specific disease with the patients’ exposure rate to the risk factors of the disease. A randomized controlled trial is a trial designed to test a product in a way that both the patients in the study and researchers do not know which patients are taking the test product.
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