CompTIA A+ 220-1001/1002 Practice Test - Question List

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A customer complains that a recently purchased app from an official app store is not loading upon installation. Which action could help troubleshoot the problem?

  1. Advise the customer to file a warranty claim
  2. Uninstall/Re-install the app
  3. Run the phone antivirus
  4. Update the phone OS

A customer complains that at times, their phone signal suddenly drops or beocmes weak. Which of the following could be the problem?

  1. Defective OS update
  2. The SSID for the wireless access point has changed
  3. Too many apps installed on the phone
  4. Conflicting phones with different wireless communications provider

A customer complains that their iPhone 6 battery is constantly drained even if no apps are running in the background. What other reason might be causing the power drain?

  1. A virus
  2. Signal searching
  3. Memory effect
  4. The phone uses NiMH battery

A slow data speed is being experienced by some mobile users on one area of the company building. Several wireless routers have been installed on the building. Which of the following actions should be done to help troubleshoot the issue?

  1. Upgrade the routers to support only 5Ghz channel
  2. Change the SSID of the wireless routers
  3. Change the channel on Wireless routers to less-used channel
  4. Set the wireless encryption to WPA2 enterprise

A user complains that his phone data transmission is always over the limit even when they use the phone to browse and do stuff on the internet at his house through wireless connection. Which of the following actions should be done to prevent/fix the issue?

  1. Disable the phone Wi-Fi radio
  2. Limit internet usage
  3. Disable the phone data carrier network
  4. Don’t use multimedia-heavy stuff on the phone

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