CompTIA A+ 220-1001/1002 Practice Test - Question List

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Which Mac OS X 10.5 feature allows a user to restore the whole system or files from the OS X install DVD?

  1. Rollback RX
  2. Time Machine
  3. System Restore
  4. Backup and Restore

You just purchased a new machine that runs OS X. You want to view the full system information of your Mac. On a terminal, which command should you enter to view your full system information?

  1. msconfig
  2. uname –a
  3. system_profiler
  4. msinfo32
  5. sw_vers

You have a computer running on Linux. You currently don’t have a GUI app for backing up files. You want to schedule a backup using a command line backup utility, which creates an archive of specified files. Which command should you use to accomplish your task?

  1. archive
  2. wbadmin
  3. zip
  4. tar

You just installed a Linux distro on your machine, specifically Fedora 21.  You want to manage some installed applications packages on your machine. Which Fedora package management utility should you use?

  1. yum
  2. apt-get
  3. pacman
  4. portage

Which Linux command should you use if you want to view or set the TCP/IP properties of wired network connections?

  1. netconfig
  2. iwconfig
  3. ifconfig
  4. ipconfig

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