CompTIA A+ 220-1001/1002 Practice Test - Question List

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A customer complains that their touch screen is working but the response is inaccurate. Which common resolution should be performed to help troubleshoot the problem?

  1. Check backlight failure
  2. Replace the screen
  3. Recalibrate the device 
  4. Reinstall graphics drivers

A user has an old tablet that uses NiMH battery. The battery was working fine until lately, where it drains quicker even with minimal usage. The user explains that there are times when they performed partial recharges. You advised the user to replace the battery. Of the following, which term best describes this power drain issue?

  1. Memory effect
  2. Bulged battery
  3. Overheating battery
  4. Aging effect

A customer finds that their phone’s touch screen is not responsive. Which of the following could be the reason?

  1. Degraded battery
  2. Backlight failure
  3. Stuck keys
  4. Digitizer failure 

A customer complains that their mobile device screen is very dim. As the technician, which course of action should you do first?

  1. Check if the screen brightness setting is turned down
  2. Replace the screen
  3. Carefully remove, then replace the backlight
  4. Advise the customer to file a warranty claim

You just purchased a mobile device. You want to synchronize your photos and music to your desktop computer running Windows 7. However, after plugging in the USB cable, you received an error stating that the device driver was not successfully installed. Which Windows system tools should you use to troubleshoot the error?

  1. Command Prompt
  2. Dxdiag
  3. Regedit
  4. Device Manager
  5. Services.msc

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