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CNS Nutrition Specialist Exam Prep Question List

26 Treatment goals for cystic fibrosis include:
  1. Pancreatic enzyme replacement
  2. Increased energy, protein, and fat intakes
  3. Sodium restriction
  4. A & B
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27 An effective nutrition screening program:
  1. Involves all members of the health care team who want to participate
  2. Is based on the principles of sensitivity and specificity
  3. Always uses food frequency questionnaires
  4. Is used only to screen for childhood diseases
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28 Impaired glucose tolerance is defined as:
  1. Fasting plasma glucose (FPG) > 140 mg/dl
  2. 2-hour plasma glucose between 140-199 mg/dl
  3. Casual plasma glucose of 200 mg/dl or greater
  4. An HbA1c level of 6 or greater
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29 The Thermic Effect of Food (TEF):
  1. Is the amount of energy needed to digest and absorb food
  2. Makes up a large percentage of total energy expenditure
  3. Is unaffected by the nutritional composition of the diet
  4. May be increased through weight loss
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