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Registered Dietitian Exam Prep

2 The amounts of nutrients on a food label are described by:
  1. The Daily Value (DV)
  2. The Daily Reference Value (DRV)
  3. The Reference Daily Intake (RDI)
  4. The Tolerable Upper Limit (TOL)
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3 A researcher is investigating the effects of income on fresh fruit and vegetable consumption. Her data show that income and fresh orange juice consumption are positively associated at a “p” level of 0.001. What conclusion(s) can be drawn from the “p” value?
  1. There is no relationship between income and fresh orange juice consumption.
  2. Income is a strong predictor of fresh orange juice intake.
  3. People who make less money do not buy fresh orange juice
  4. Fresh orange juice is more expensive than frozen orange juice.
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4 The digestive hormone gastrin exerts all of the following effects except:
  1. Increased esophageal sphincter pressure
  2. Decreased pepsinogen production by the stomach
  3. Increased gallbladder contraction
  4. Increased HCL production by the parietal cells
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