In behavioral leadership theories, the dimension of leadership behavior known as initiating structure or job-related refers to
  1. The interpersonal relationships that managers must first establish with employees before attempting to ensure completion of the actual work
  2. What employees needs to do, and how they need to do it, in order to attain objectives
  3. The training in which managers need to participate in order to develop the skills needed to be an effective leader
  4. The degree to which an individual demonstrates an innate ability to be an effective leader
Answer - B - This dimension of leadership relates to the dimensions of leadership that speak specifically to ensuring that employees successfully perform the work associated with the position.

Key Takeaway: Option A defines the other dimension identified through behavioral leadership theories, referred to as consideration or employee-centered. Option C does not reflect one of the two leadership dimensions. Option D articulates a belief that is ascribed to the trait leadership theories, not the behavioral leadership theories.
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