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Nurse Executive Certification Exam Prep Question List

1 Total factor productivity is also referred to as:
  1. Human resources productivity.
  2. Entropic productivity.
  3. Multi-factor productivity.
  4. Statistical stability productivity.
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2 Which of the following statements regarding productivity is accurate?
  1. The primary factor that affects productivity is the size and mix of the workforce.
  2. There are many factors that can positively or negatively impact productivity.
  3. JCAHO has standards and mathematical methods to determine productivity.
  4. Productivity deceases when the cost of supplies and equipment are decreased.
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3 What kind of content most motivates adults to learn during an orientation?
  1. Content that addresses the adult’s long term learning needs
  2. Content that addresses the adult’s immediate learning needs
  3. Information that addresses the adult’s long term career goals
  4. Information that addresses the adult’s short term career goals
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4 The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act:
  1. Was fully implemented in 2011.
  2. Was signed into law during 2010.
  3. Was repealed in 2011.
  4. Was deemed unconstitutional in 2011.
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