Massage Therapist Practice Exam - Question List

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During a massage a client makes repeated sexual suggestions. What actions should be taken?

  1. Tell the client that if they continue making such comments, they will have to leave
  2. Stop immediately and politely explain to the client that the massage is over
  3. Call your supervisor to have security escort the client off the premises
  4. None of the above
2. A set of moral ideals that shape a person’s or group’s behavior can be defined as what?
  1. Ethics
  2. Philosophy
  3. Laws
  4. Human rights
3. Which of the following is an inexpensive way help to boost your business?
  1. Television commercial
  2. Highway billboard
  3. Gift cards
  4. Rent a small shop
4. Tax records should ideally be kept for how long?
  1. 10 years
  2. 1 year
  3. Indefinitely
  4. 5 years

What should you do if you receive a tip?

  1. Put it in your pocket and forget about it
  2. Record it for tax purposes
  3. Refuse to accept it
  4. Offer it to charity

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