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The Logical Reasoning section of the Law School Admission Test requires potential law students to analyze arguments in short passages. Dynamic Path's LSAT Logical Reasoning Exam Prep module contains example questions in the same format as those on the exam. All questions were written by experts in law and philosophy specifically for this app. 


This app is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by the Law School Admission Council, of which LSAT is a registered trademark.


There are about 100 questions on the LSAT across five categories: Logical Reasoning (48-52 questions), Analytical Reasoning (16-28 questions), Reading Comprehension (27 questions), Variable Section (1 experimental section), Writing Sample (1 unscored question).

The LSAT is three and a half hours long.

A good passing score for the LSAT is typically considered to be 160 or higher.

A competitive LSAT score is a key part of a law school application.

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