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Dietetic Technician DTR Exam Prep Question List

1 Which of the following is a common side effect of immunosuppressive drug therapy used in organ transplantation?
  1. Sodium and fluid diuresis
  2. Hyperphosphatemia
  3. Hyperkalemia
  4. Decreased vitamin C requirements
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2 Nephrolithiasis is usually treated with:
  1. Fluid intake of 2 or more liters per day
  2. Avoidance of foods high in oxalate
  3. Restricting calcium to less than 400 mg per day
  4. A & B
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3 The most important factors an RD should consider in an initial counseling session are:
  1. The client’s physical posture and eye contact
  2. Use of open-ended questions
  3. The client’s socioeconomic status
  4. All of the above
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