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Practice Quiz presents 85 new free review questions and explanations for the CVPM exam

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Practice Quiz presents 84 free review questions to learn veterinary practice management, or prepare for the state/national examination.

Topics covered include:
– Human resources
– Law and ethics
– Marketing
– Organization of the practice
– Finance

Disclaimer: Practice Quiz is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by the VHMA or any other official agency.


There are 200 questions on the CVPM exam, divided across the following five categories: Human Resources (30%), Law & Ethics (24%), Marketing (17%), Organization of Practice (12%), and Financial (17%).

The CVPM exam is 3 hours and 30 minutes long.

The passing score for the CVPM exam is predetermined by criterion-referenced methodology.

Earning a passing score on the CPVM exam is necessary along with other items required to earn CPVM certification.

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