Business Continuity Professional Exam Prep - Question List

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Which are included in the Business Continuity professional's role? Select all that apply:

  1. Act as project sponsor for the BCP project
  2. Establish an Exercise/Testing Program
  3. Establish a plan to maintain BCP
  4. Establish the business continuity audit process
  5. Communicate exercise test results
42. How frequently should exercises be carried out? Select all that apply:
  1. On an ad hoc basis to check readiness on the fly
  2. Whenever new risks are identified and incorporated in the plan
  3. Pre-defined frequency
  4. Weekly
  5. Never
43. True or false: A table top exercise can improve emergency preparedness.
  1. True
  2. False
44. Consider an organization providing call center services to Fortune 100 companies. All the employees of the organization (excluding support staff) are involved in taking calls from customers based in 5 continents. The organization has to carry out evacuation drill. What is the most appropriate strategy to carry out the drill?
  1. Carry out the drill with support staff only
  2. Bring all employees in on Sunday for the drill
  3. The drill should be employees in their respective working shift
  4. Employees in their respective shifts must continue to work. Employees from various shifts should be called early on designated day to carry out the drill.

A health care company realizes that their standard for losing no more than two hours of data in the event of a major emergency is not in compliance with federal regulations on patient data.

What should be the immediate term action for the IT management and Board members responsible for disaster management?

  1. A. Focus upgrading infrastructure and prepare a new IT plan.
  2. Communicate to stakeholders that the RTO (recovery time objective) is compromised.
  3. Modify the RPO (recovery point objective) and work with stakeholders to assess/communicate the impact.
  4. All of the above.
  5. Do nothing.

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