Business Continuity Professional Exam Prep - Question List

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26. Which of the following scenarios demand coming up with a new business continuity and crisis management plan rather than editing the existing plan?
  1. Natural disaster
  2. M&A
  3. Accident affect manufacturing capability
  4. Flu pandemic
  5. All of the above
27. Which of the following are effective business continuity planning strategies for firms in the same region? Select all that apply:
  1. Copying business continuity plan across all companies.
  2. Mutual aid agreement
  3. Carrying out drill simultaneously
  4. Sharing metrics for BCP testing to define/modify benchmarks
28. List the following resources sequentially, based on their relative importance to the business continuity planning process:

IT systems
Communication systems
Fixtures and furniture
  1. A. Fixtures and furniture, IT systems, people, communication systems
  2. A. People, IT systems, communication systems, fixtures and furniture
  3. A. People, communication systems, IT systems, fixtures and furniture
  4. A. IT systems, communication systems, people, fixtures and furniture

In an IT services company, what is the relationship between project plans to complete work for the client and business continuity plan?

  1. Project plans act as an input to business continuity planA. Business continuity planning acts as an input to project planning
  2. A. Business continuity planning acts as an input to project planning
  3. Both of the above
  4. Neither of the above

An IT organization has identified that recovery time is the most critical measurable criteria for its risk management strategy. If this is the case, the company should consider investing in what?

  1. Backup site
  2. Hot site
  3. Cold site
  4. SCSI

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