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PracticeQuiz presents 50 free nutrition multiple-choice review questions and explanations for the American Clinical Board of Nutrition Examination

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PracticeQuiz presents 50 free multiple-choice review questions and explanations for the American Clinical Board of Nutrition Examination

The ACBN exam consists of three case studies to be completed during their clinical nutritionist education program. There is also a written examination with 150 multiple-choice questions. The ACBN exam covers the following topics:

  • Biochemistry and Physiology of Nutrition
  • Nutrients and their Characteristics, Functions,  and Metabolism
  • Diagnostic Evaluation in Clinical Nutrition
  • Nutritional Considerations in Clinical Geriatrics
  • Nutrition in Infancy, Adolescence, Pregnancy, and Lactation
  • Dietary  and Nutritional Aspects,  and the  General Management of General Disease
  • Nutrition and the Physiology of Stress
  • Dietary  and  Nutritional  Aspects  and  Management  of  Neurological  and Neuropsychiatric Disorders
  • Nutrient - Nutrient and Drug - Nutrient Interactions and Reactions
  • Radiographic  and  Advanced  Imaging  Diagnosis  of  Common  Metabolic Disorders
  • Herbs, Botanicals, and Homeopathy
  • Longevity and Nutrition
  • How to Perform and Write Research Papers

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Disclaimer: This content is provided for informational purposes only. It has not been edited, fact checked or updated. This content is neither affiliated nor endorsed by the ACBN or any other official agency. These questions were written by a third party test prep company and licensed by PracticeQuiz for use on this site. Please use at your own discretion.


There are 150 questions on the ACBN Nutritionist exam, divided across six categories: History (19%), Examination (19%), Assessment (15%), Diagnosis (15%), Treatment (19%), Follow-Up (13%).

The ACBN Nutritionist exam is 3 hours and 45 minutes long.

The passing score of the ACBN Nutritionist exam is dependent on the year.

Passing the ACBN Nutritionist exam grants the test taker ACBN Nutritionist certification.

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