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To be eligible to take the Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner (WHNP) Certification Exam, you must:

  • Hold an active nursing license in the United States
  • Have completed an accredited graduate nurse practitioner program that prepares women’s health nurse practitioners.
  • Take the certification exam within 8 years of graduation from an accredited graduate nurse practitioner program.

The exam covers the topics of gynecology (38%), obstetrics (28%), primary care (12%), physical assessment and evaluation (12%), pharmacology (9%) and professional issues (1%), with an emphasis on gynecology and obstetrics.

  • Gynecology – May include questions pertaining to normal gynecological physiology and pathologic gynecological conditions (i.e. hormonal, infectious, benign and malignant lesions), reproductive life planning, and men’s sexual health as it pertains to women’s sexual health.
  • Obstetrics – May include questions pertaining to pregnancy physiology, prenatal care, pregnancy complications, postpartum physiology, and postpartum complications.
  • Pharmacology – May include questions pertaining to pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics, and prescription and OTC therapies.
  • Physical Assessment – May include questions pertaining to health history and physical, and diagnostic testing and imaging.
  • Primary Care – May include questions pertaining to diagnosis and management of common health problems, health promotion, and patient counseling.
  • Professional Issues – May include questions pertaining to professional regulation, ethics, patient safety, and evidence based care.

Each exam question has three answer choices (A, B or C), which are presented in alphabetical order in order to randomize answers. Each exam question has only one correct answer. All exams are administered via computer by the National Certification Corporation (NCC).

Disclaimer: This content is provided for informational purposes only. It is neither affiliated woth nor endorsed by the NCC or any other official agency. These questions were written by a third party test prep company and licensed by PracticeQuiz for use on this site. Please use at your own discretion.


There are 175 questions (150 scored, 25 unscored) on the WHNP exam, divided across the following six categories: Assessment, Diagnostic Testing and Interpretation (12%), Primary Care (12%), Gynecologic and Reproductive Health (35%), Obstetrics (29%), Pharmacology (9%), and Professional Issues (3%).

The WHNP exam is 3 hours long.

The passing score for the WHNP exam is predetermined by criterion-referenced methodology.

Earning a passing score on the WHNP exam grants the test taker NCC board certification.

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