Praxis II Psychology

Maintained and Updated as of 2022

Dynamic Path’s Praxis II Psychology Exam Prep app is the perfect tool to help prospective teachers prepare for the Praxis subject test.

The module contains 200 simulated exam questions addressing all topics commonly covered on the exam. Each question is followed by a clear and insightful explanation paired with a Key Takeaway summarizing the key learning point of the question, ensuring comprehensive understanding of the material.

Our focus is not to blanket you with hundreds of questions, but rather to focus on the key concepts in reviewing for the exam. We recognize your time is valuable, so each question is structured to help you master an important area of knowledge for the test.

The practice questions cover all the necessary content areas required for Praxis Psychology certification:

  • Methods, Approaches, Ethics, and Assessment
  • Biopsychology, Sensation, and Perception
  • Life Span Development and Individual Differences
  • Learning, Memory, and Cognition
  • Personality, Social Psychology, and Motivation
  • Psychological Disorders and Treatment

Our exclusive and intuitive UI provides three different practice modes:

  • a Study Mode that helps you learn at your own pace with instant feedback
  • a Test Mode that lets you time yourself and choose the topics you want to study
  • a Review Mode to go over your answers and see what you missed

This app is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by the ETS or any other organization.

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