Praxis II: PLT 7-12 Exam Prep - Question List

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11. In a history class on the Great Depression, Mr. Andrews has an objective that students are able to recognize a variety of causes for the event. Which of the following would be an appropriate assessment of this goal?
  1. A multiple-choice test
  2. A lecture-approach
  3. A concept map
  4. Written response to primary source documents
12. Which of the following resources can be used by a Social Studies teacher during instruction of a unit of study?

I) Videos, DVDs, music
II) Computers
III) Artifacts
IV) Guest speakers
  1. I, II and III
  2. II, III and IV
  3. I, III and IV
  4. I, II, III and IV

Two teachers of 10th grade students at Bayview High School want to collaborate on a unit of study. This is not a practice commonly done at Bayview. The teachers teach science and history and want to combine their subjects to provide students with an interdisciplinary approach to learning. Which of the following should they prepare for to document the effectiveness of teaching and learning?

  1. Clear objectives
  2. A measurable outcome
  3. Interesting assignments
  4. Proof they followed state standards
14. Which of the following would be the best assessment of the effectiveness of a standards-based lecture-style approach to instruction?
  1. A reflective essay
  2. A standardized test
  3. A lab experiment
  4. A conference
15. A 9th grade history teacher is giving students their first major project in her class. She offers her students a checklist of steps they should take to accomplish this task completely and on deadline. The study skills she is trying to encourage by doing this would be which of the following?

I) Time management
II) Monitoring progress
III) Setting goals
IV) Measuring milestones
  1. I, II and III
  2. I, II and IV
  3. I, III and IV
  4. I, II, III and IV

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