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Getting ready to take the Praxis II: Elementary Education - Content Knowledge (0014/5014)?

Look no further - Our EE-CK prep module contains 300 targeted questions to prepare you on-the-go. Covering all exam topics: Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Reading and Language Arts. Each question is also paired with an explanatory answer, to reinforce and expand your knowledge.

This app and Upward Mobility is not associated with ETS, of which Praxis is a registered trademark.


There are 140 questions on the Praxis Early Education exam across the following five categories: Reading and Language Arts (49 questions, 35%), Mathematics (41 questions, 29%), Social Studies (25 questions, 18%), and Science (25 questions, 18%).

The Praxis Early Education exam is 2 hours and 30 minutes long.

A passing score for the Praxis Early Education exam is between 151-168 depending on the state.

A passing grade on the Praxis Early Education exam is intended for individuals who intend to become a secondary school citizenship teacher.

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