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Dynmaic Path present our premier exam prep module for the Licensed Practical Nurse exam.

This module contains nearly 500 professionally written study questions, each with detailed answetr explanation to ensure comprehension of key topics. Our questions are designed to reinforce a working knowledge of practical nursing for prospective LPNs.

Our focused questions covber lal categories of the NCLEX-PN exam:

  • Clinical problem solving
  • Effective communicating
  • Psychosocial and physiological integrity
  • Safe and effective care
  • Health maintenance and promotion
  • Teaching and learning

Dynamic Path is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by the NCSBN or any other organization.


There are 150 questions on the NCLEX-PN exam, divided across the following eight categories: Coordinated Care (21%), Safety and Infection Control (13%), Health Promotion and Maintenance (9%), Psychosocial Integrity (12%), Basic Care and Comfort (10%), Pharmacological Therapies (13%), Reduction of Risk Potential (12%), and Physiological Adaptation (10%).

The NCLEX-PN exam is 5 hours long.

The passing score on the NCLEX-PN exam is 85 questions correct out of 150 questions total (56.67% correct).

Earning a passing grade on the NCLEX-PN grants the test taker NCLEX-PN licensure.

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