MTEL Technology and Engineering

MTEL Technology and Engineering

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In 2022, the State of Massachusetts implemented a revamped MTEL Technology and Engineering certification exam.  These materials support that.  

This content will be helpful for any Technology and Engineering growing their skills or passing state exams as it has excellent rationales.

 PracticeQuiz has organized Massachusetts state MTEL content into its test engine to allow Massachusetts teachers to better prepare for this important certification exam.  This -question set is also ideal for practice for exams like the AP, CLEP, Praxis, and IB, and to grow general biology knowledge and critical thinking.   

As part of the Massachusetts Education Reform Act of 1993, all new teachers are required to pass a test in two parts to become certified to teach in Massachusetts public schools: 1) knowledge of subject content and 2) communication/literacy skills. Consequently, the Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL) were developed and administered for the first time in 1998. 

These subject matter tests include 100 multiple-choice items and two open-response items requiring candidates to spend about 20–30 minutes each to prepare an adequate response. The multiple-choice section accounts for 80 percent and the open-response section counts for 20 percent of the candidate's total test score. 

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