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The Miller Analogies Test (MAT) is an exam administered by the Harcourt Assessment at Pearson testing centers. The MAT is an admissions exam accepted by many graduate programs in the United States. Additionally, it is used by many high-IQ societies worldwide as an admission requirement. The MAT is intended to assess logical and analytical reasoning through the completion of partial analogies. The test duration is 60 minutes and contains 120 questions. Exam formats include both computer-based tests (CBT) and paper and pencil formats.

This free practice exam features 200 realistic questions that will help you not only review key vocabulary, but also familiarize yourself with MAT’s 120 analogy exam format. This exam is also excellent preparation for those preparing for the GRE, as both exams cover analogies.

Our best set of MAT practice questions can be found here.

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There are about 120 questions on the MAT across two main categories: deciphering relationships and cross disciplinary content mastery.

The MAT is two and a half hours long.

A competitive passing score for the MAT is typically considered to be 410 or higher.

A competitive MAT score is a key part of graduate school applications.

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