Lactation Consultant Exam Prep - Question List

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The T-test and the Chi-square test help researchers to:
  1. Find out if things are positively correlated.
  2. Find out if things are negatively correlated.
  3. Determine the mean, median, and mode.
  4. Determine the statistical significance.
62. Which ordinal position is characterized with more physical punishment than other siblings?
  1. The firstborn
  2. The middle children
  3. The youngest child
  4. The 12-year-old boy
63. What position is the mother using when the baby is held against the mother’s side with its feet pointing back towards the chair that the mother is sitting on?
  1. The football hold
  2. The cross-cradle hold
  3. The cradle hold
  4. The sitting up hold
64. The practice of holding the baby so that his or her bare chest is against that of his or her mother or father to help to promote breastfeeding is:
  1. Parent-to-baby holding.
  2. Skin-to-skin holding.
  3. Heart-to-heart holding.
  4. Baby-to parent swaddle.
65. The best way for the mother to learn how to breastfeed is to:
  1. Follow the nurses’ suggestions only.
  2. Watch other mothers breastfeed.
  3. Ask a friend who has just had a baby.
  4. Follow the instructions of the nurses and a lactation consultant.