Lactation Consultant Exam Prep - Question List

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51. Which theorist developed the Developmental Stages of the Family that addresses the eight developmental tasks for families?
  1. Piaget
  2. Maslow
  3. Duvall
  4. Selye
52. Which organization addresses public health through the collaborative efforts of member countries in North America, South America, and Latin America?
  1. The United Nations
  2. North American Treaty Organization
  3. The Pan American Health Organization
  4. The All American Health Organization
53. What is the term that is used in research to describe unintentional errors that can result from the design of the study, the measurements done, and/or the sampling used?
  1. Unreliability
  2. Dependability
  3. Skew
  4. Bias
54. Which is a major family function according to Friedman’s Model?
  1. Cognitive functions
  2. Child-rearing functions
  3. Affinity functions
  4. Economic functions
55. Breastfeeding:
  1. Comes naturally to all women and babies.
  2. Is natural but it is not nutritious.
  3. Comes naturally to Hispanic woman.
  4. Is a natural process, but it is also learned.