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Lactation Consultant Exam Prep Question List

31 Which woman is the best candidate for induced lactation?
  1. The surrogate mother who gave birth to the baby.
  2. An adoptive mother who has had a complete hysterectomy.
  3. An adoptive mother who is taking birth control.
  4. The surrogate mother who is taking supplemental estrogen.
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32 At birth infants can taste sweet, bitter, and:
  1. Umami.
  2. Salty.
  3. No other taste sensations.
  4. All other taste sensations.
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33 A pathological disorder among infants that is associated with an immaturity of a bodily organ or system is:
  1. Respiratory distress.
  2. Galactosemia.
  3. Tetralogy of Fallot.
  4. Aortic stenosis.
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34 Respiratory distress syndrome is a life-threatening disorder that is:
  1. Inherited.
  2. Genetic.
  3. Associated with preterm neonates.
  4. Treated with broad scope antibiotics.
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35 Mothers with inverted or flat nipples should be instructed about what specifically relating to the inverted or flat nipples?
  1. Latch on techniques.
  2. Good positioning.
  3. The benefits of Botox.
  4. Latching and positioning.
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