IAPP CIPP/US Practice Exam

Maintained and Updated as of 2023

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 Study for the IAPP's CIPP/US exam with questions encompassing key privacy professional regulations, concepts, and vocabulary.

This set covers the following topics over 200+ questions:

  • Introduction to the U.S. Privacy Environment
  • Limits on Private-sector Collection and Use of Data
  • Government and Court Access to Private-sector Information
  • Workplace Privacy
  • State Privacy Laws 

The IAPP offers the most encompassing, up-to-date, and sought-after global training and certification program for privacy and data protection. The Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP) helps organizations worldwide bolster compliance and risk mitigation practices and arms practitioners with the insight needed to add more value to their businesses.

This set of questions is also fantastic as a learning tool for a manager, leader, IT, marketing, or legal professional who is trying to deepen their understanding of privacy law.

This set was written by a certified CIPP/US professional.  PracticeQuiz.com does not have any affiliation with the IAPP.


The IAPP CIPP/US exam contains 100 questions across the following five categories: Introduction to the US Privacy Environment (27-35 questions), Limits on Private-sector Collection and Use of Data (15-25 questions), Government and Court Access to Private-sector Information (3-7 questions), Workplace Privacy (5-9 questions), and State Privacy Laws (9-15 questions).

The IAPP CIPP/US exam is 2 hours and 30 minutes.

The passing score for the IAPP CIPP/US exam is 75%, with at least 30% of the correct questions relating to scenarios.

Passing the IAPP CIPP/US exam is required as part of achieving IAPP Privacy Certification. The IAPP Privacy Certification is required for professionals in the United States who are responsible for ensuring compliance with United States privacy laws and regulations.

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