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Looking to ace your Home Inspection certification program? Want to learn more about home safety and building science?  This practice exam will help you pass any state or local home inspector certification.  

Every state or province has its own certification or licensing requirements Some states regulate home inspectors by issuing licenses and some do not.  This will help with the InterNACHI CPI certification if you choose to go that route.  That is a reliable certification to demonstrate your expertise in many geographies.

In this practice exam set, PracticeQuiz presents 300 multiple-choice review questions on home inspection and building science. 

Each question is paired with a detailed, helpful explanation. 
 Learn at your own pace in Study Mode, or give yourself a timed quiz in Test Mode. 
 Topics covered include:
 – Building Science
 – Business Operations
 – Analysis and Reporting 

Please note we are neither affiliated with nor endorsed by any home inspector certification organization.


The National Association of Home Inspectors' (NAHI) Certified Real Estate Inspector program is a good example of certification that offers the chance to really validate your proficiency in all areas of home inspection. The NAHI is divided into two sections. Budding inspectors will be required to pass both a CRI exam consisting of 140 questions and an experience component – effectively going through and passing a series of 250 full mock home inspections. The exam will cover topics such as structure and foundation of housing, exterior and interior, HVAC, environmental hazards, electrical outlets, plumbing, and indoor air and water quality.

There are specific study materials and recommended readings for the exam. These include textbooks on general home inspection, modern carpentry, residential construction, and troubleshooting. Other suggested topics to cover are termite control, plumbing basics, building dampness, wiring, and home repairs. Visit the NAHI website for more information on how to prepare. Certification serves by helping both inspectors and clients at the same time. It helps inspectors by providing a solid base upon which they can gradually build a solid reputation in real estate, and it helps clients by setting a standard for high-quality inspection service.

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