FNP Family Nurse Practitioner Exam Prep - Question List

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The NP is assessing an 18-month-old child. The NP would expect the child to do which of the following actions?

  1. Stack 2 blocks
  2. Run and jump in place
  3. Open doors by turning doorknobs
  4. Climbs the stairs alone, with both feet on the same step at the same time

A mother is upset because her 8-year-old daughter developed a right breast mass. She asks the nurse what she should do. The NP bases her response on knowing that the breast mass is most likely due to which of the following:

  1. Gynecomastia
  2. Precocious pseudo puberty
  3. Precocious thelarche
  4. The onset of puberty
3. A 3-year-old boy with Hemophilia is going to stat infusion of recombinant form of Factor VIII prophylactically three times a week. The nurse should advise the parents to administer the infusion on the days designated:
  1. after dinner
  2. in the morning
  3. before dinner
  4. after lunch
4. Barbie had a Arteriovenous fistula access and starts hemodialysis as treatment for a renal failure. Which of the following statement made by the mother would indicate further teaching:
  1. “I will ensure that my child drinks enough fluid if weather is warm”
  2. “I will check the pulse at the wrist of the arm with fistula everyday”
  3. “I will need to call the clinic once my child develops diarrhea”
  4. “I will take blood pressure in the arm with fistula everyday”
5. During a home visit, a mother asks the nurse about the communicability of chicken pox. The nurse responds correctly by stating that it is:
  1. communicable until the vesicles were dried.
  2. communicable even when dry scabs remain.
  3. not communicable once fever subsided.
  4. not communicable while vesicles are reddish in color.

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