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We've sunset support for this exam.  Please visit this page for the CompTIA 220-1001/220-1002 that we'll be adding questions to going forward.

In order to receive the CompTIA A+ certification, you must pass both the CompTIA A+ 220-801 and 220-802 exams. CompTIA A+ 220-802 covers the skills required to install and configure PC operating systems, as well as configuring common features (e.g. network connectivity and email) for mobile operating systems Android and Apple iOS.t The exam is based on the following objectives:

  • Operating Systems (33%)
  • Security (22%)
  • Mobile Devices  (9%)
  • Troubleshooting (36%)

Practice Quiz has CompTIA 220-802 questions to help you receive the necessary passing score of 700 (out of 900).

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