Ophthalmic Assistant

Maintained and Updated as of 2023

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Dynamic Path’s presents our premier Ophthalmic Assistant exam prep module to prepare you for JCAHPO's Certified Ophthalmic Assistant exam.

Our module features 400+ multiple-choice questions with detailed explanations on all aspects of ophthalmology assisting, including:

  • History Taking
  • Medical Ethics and Legal + Regulatory Issues
  • Pharmacology
  • Assisting in Surgical Procedures
  • Ophthalmic Patient Services and Education
  • Refractometry
  • Supplemental Skills
  • Visual Assessment


Each question is paired with an explanatory answer that reinforces essential knowledge necessary for practical application. All our questions were written exclusively for Dynamic Path by expert writers.

While this module was deisgned for the COA exam, it can also be used to study for ophthalmic technician and medical technologist exams.

Dynamic Path is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by the Joint Commission on Allied Health Personnel in Ophthalmology or any other organization.


There are 200 questions on the Ophthalmic Assistant exam divided across the following twenty two categories: History and Documentation (5%), Visual Assessment (6%), Visual Field Testing (4%), Pupil Assessment (3%), Tonometry (4%), Keratometry (2%), Ocular Motility Testing (4%), Lensometry (3%), Refraction, Retinoscopy & Refinement (5%), Biometry (3%), Supplemental Testing (3%), Microbiology (3%), Pharmacology (3%), Surgical Assisting (4%), Ophthalmic Patient Services and Education (14%), General Medical Knowledge (14%), Optics and Spectacles (2%), Contact Lenses (2%), Ophthalmic Imaging (5%), Photography and Videography (5%), Equipment Maintenance and Repair (2%), and Medical Ethics, Legal and Regulatory Issues (4%).

The Ophthalmic Assistant exam is 3 hours long.

Earning a passing grade on the Ophthalmic Assistant exam grants the test taker JCAHPO Ophthalmic Assistant Exam.

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