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Clinical Nutritionist CCN Exam Prep Question List

1 Age-associated bone loss among the elderly:
  1. Is always reversed with calcium supplementation
  2. Can be prevented by cardiovascular exercise such as swimming
  3. Affects both trabecular and cortical bone
  4. May be slowed by the use of steroid drugs
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2 Calculation of resting energy expenditure (REE) for obese individuals is subject to error because:
  1. Using ideal body weight to calculate REE may overestimate the energy needed to move excess weight.
  2. Adipose tissue is not as metabolically active as lean body mass.
  3. Obese people burn more calories than lean individuals.
  4. Less than 10% of the excess weight of obese individuals is metabolically active.
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3 Tropical sprue differs from celiac sprue in what way(s)?
  1. Tropical sprue cause more damage to the intestinal villi.
  2. Tropical sprue is usually caused by bacterial contamination.
  3. Tropical sprue is successfully treated with antibiotics, folate, and intramuscular vitamin B12.
  4. B & C
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4 What effect does cooking have on carbohydrates in foods?
  1. Helps soften cellulose
  2. Makes starch less digestible
  3. Breaks disaccharides down into monosaccharides
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