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CLEP US History I Exam Prep

Practice Quiz presents 25 free review questions and explanations for the CLEP US History I college credit equivalency exam given by the College Board.

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The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) US History I exam is administered by the College Board year-round to assess high school students' knowledge of historical events from Early Colonization periods to 1877. Applicants must be able to recall historical facts and bridge connections between historical events as a way of isolating cause and effect. Colleges may give entering students credit at their discretion if the student scores above a 50. The total points an applicant can receive is 80. Once taken, an applicant must wait six calendar months before registering for a re-test. This is a computerized exam.

Test-takers must answer 120 multiple-choice questions in the 90-minute time frame.

Topical Specifications

35% Political institutions, political developments, and public policy
25% Social developments
10% Economic developments
15% Cultural and intellectual developments
15% Diplomacy and international relations

Chronological Specifications

30% 1500–1789
70% 1790–1877

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