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Looking for an easy on the go edge to study for case interviews?  Dynamic Path presents strategy consulting interview prep—547 review questions to help you ace your case interviews.  This is a simple and inexpensive way to pick up some tricks and tips to land your dream job at McKinsey, BCG, Bain, or other leading consulting firms.

If you want to optimize your chances of landing a strategy consulting position, this module was designed for you. The package is designed to be a concise module to hone the skills necessary to perform well in case format interviews. Each answer in our module is paired with a Key Takeaway to bridge the gap between conceptual knowledge and practical interview application. Learn at your own pace in Study Mode, or give yourself a timed quiz in Test Mode.

Topics covered include:
– Accounting
– Fast Math
– Strategy
– Facts to Know
– Economics
– Management
– And a Bonus Section! These were oddballs and tips we thought would help you succeed as we were writing this module. They didn’t fit in any of the above categories, but we wanted to include them anyhow. 

About the Authors:
Cae Interview Prep's primary editor and writer is Ted Chan, who holds a MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management, and has 9 years of strategy consulting experience. Ted is also an experienced writer and editor with over 50 credits, including  Victoria Slingerland was the editor.

The Fast Math section was created by Dr. Dana Sparkman, an experienced math teacher with a PhD in Education.

Dynamic Path is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by any consulting firm or other official agency.

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