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Business Continuity Professional Exam Prep #2

1 Which of the following are required to be a part of the Crisis Management Center? (Select all that apply.)
  1. Emergency electrical generator
  2. Telephone access
  3. State of the art computer systems
  4. Access control measures
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2 Mr. Indecisive has been given the task of ensuring that critical papers and records that are required to operate the business are available in the event of a crisis. What advice should you give him to help him determine how to complete this task?
  1. Save electronic backup copies of all documents
  2. Keep multiple copies of the documents in different areas of the building
  3. Set up a fire-proof safe in the building to store the documents
  4. Set up an off-site storage to store the documents
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4 How would you explain the purpose of the Recovery and Resumption phase of the Business Continuity Plan to a new hire in your organization, such as Mr. Newbie?
  1. It is the process of responding when a crisis happens
  2. It is the process of bringing the organization out of the crisis and returning it to normal operations
  3. It is the process of cleaning up after a crisis has occurred
  4. It is the process of identifying the root cause for the crisis and preventing it from reoccurring
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5 Which of these should be included in the Damage and Impact Assessment immediately after a crisis? (Select all that apply.)
  1. Physical damage to the facility
  2. Financial cost of all damages
  3. Potential long term reputation damages
  4. None of the above
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