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 PracticeQuiz presents 96 new free review questions and explanations for the AP Psychology exam given by the College Board.  Take a practice test, study at your own pace, or sign-up to receive a question every day in your inbox. 

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The AP Psychology is a high-school achievement, often used for college credit equivalency test containing a 70-minute 100-question multiple-choice section and a 50-minute free-response section.
The following psychology topics are covered on the AP Psych exam: 

  -- History and Approaches   
  -- Research Methods   
  -- Biological Bases of Behavior   
  -- Sensation and Perception   
  -- States of Consciousness   
  -- Learning   
  -- Cognition   
  -- Motivation and Emotion   
  -- Developmental Psychology   
  -- Personality   
  -- Testing and Individual Differences   
  -- Abnormal Psychology   
  -- Treatment of Psychological Disorders   
  -- Social Psychology

According to the College Board, the average distribution of scores for the AP Psychology look this this:

     2019       2021
|   20% | 15%
4 |   25% | 22%
3 |   19% | 18%
2 |   14% | 14%
1 |   22% | 31% 

 Disclaimer: This content is neither affiliated nor endorsed by the College Board or any other official agency. 


There are 102 questions on the AP Psychology Exam, divided into two categories: Multiple Choice (100 questions, 98.04%) and Free Response (2 questions, 1.96%).

The AP Psychology Exam is 2 hours long.

Generally, a score of 3 out of 5 or higher is considered a passing score in an AP exam. Scoring at least a 3 is usually required to receive college credit hours. Colleges decide what grade to grant credit for, and some may only accept a 4 or 5.

Passing the AP Psychology Exam can grant a student college course credit.

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