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The AP Physics B exam is administered by the College Board each May. Physics B provides students with an introduction to the most foundational concepts in physics. Conceptual understanding is complemented by quantitative problem-solving using algebra and trigonometry.

"provides a systematic introduction to the main principles of physics and emphasizes the development of conceptual understanding and problem-solving ability using algebra and trigonometry, but rarely calculus. In most colleges, this is a one-year terminal course including a laboratory component and is not the usual preparation for more advanced physics and engineering courses."

Topic breakdown:
  • Newtonian Mechanics (35%)
  • Fluid Mechanics and Thermal Physics (15%)
  • Electricity and Magnetism (25%)
  • Waves and Optics (15%)
  • Atomic and Nuclear Physics (10%)
In May 2011, 75,648 students took the AP Physics B exam internationally. The mean score was a 2.92 with a standard deviation of 1.37. The highest possible score is 5.

This free practice exam features 147 questions that will help you not only review key Physics B concepts, but also familiarize yourself with the AP exam format.

Additionally, it is an excellent refresher for the SAT Subject Test in Physics, or as practice towards the end of Introduction to Physics courses.

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