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ACT WorkKeys is a job skills assessment program that assists employers in selecting, hiring, training, developing, and retaining employees. ACT WorkKeys consists of diagnostic examinations in nine foundational skills and three soft skill sets; each exam’s length, time allotted, and format (internet vs. paper) are contingent upon which skill is being tested.

Please note this is supplemental content.  For a primary study guide, we recommend the MoMetrix book.

ACT WorkKeys assesses the following skills:

•        Applied Mathematics (internet/paper based, 33 questions, 55/45 minutes)
•        Applied Technology (internet/paper based, 34 questions, 55/45 minutes)
•        Business Writing (internet/paper based, 1 prompt, 30/30 minutes)
•        Listening for Understanding (internet based, 28 questions, 45 minutes)
•        Locating Information (internet/paper based, 38 questions, 55/45 minutes)
•        Workplace Observation (internet based, 35 questions, 55 minutes)
•        Reading for Information (internet/paper based,
•        Teamwork (paper based, 33 questions, 55/45 minutes)

In addition, ACT WorkKeys assesses the following soft skill sets:

•        Fit (internet based, 100 questions, 15-20 minutes)
•        Talent (internet based, 165 questions, 30-35 minutes)
•        Performance (internet based, 55 questions, 10-15 minutes)

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