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ACT Reading Exam Prep

Practice Quiz presents 40 free review questions and explanations for the ACT Reading Test given by ACT, Inc.

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The ACT Reading test gauges a student\'s ability to identify the main points and themes of written texts. Like the SAT, the ACT is used to assess a high school student\'s preparedness for college. It is administered by ACT, Inc. and stands for American College Testing. The reading portion is part of four ACT exam components, along with English, Mathematics, and Science. This test is taken on paper, but will soon be given electronically.

As part of the ACT Reading Test, students are asked to read different passages of various length and answer the multiple-choice questions that correspond to each passage. Students are allotted 35 minutes to answer the 40 questions. It is broken up into four parts as follows:

{C} ·         10 questions on Humanities


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