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CWNA Wireless Network Administrator

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119 questions with detail rationales.

The Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA) is a foundation level certification that measures the ability to administer any wireless LAN.
A wide range of topics focusing on the 802.11 wireless LAN technology are covered in the coursework and exam, which is vendor neutral.
The main subject areas covered by the CWNA are as follows:
Radio Technologies
Antenna Concepts
Wireless LAN hardware and software
Network Design Installation and Management
Wireless Standards and Organisation
802.11 Network Architecture
Wireless LAN Security
How to perform site surveys
The CWNA is the second exam in a four-level certification process that narrows its scope and focus during each step. Topics progress from wireless fundamentals (at the CWTS level), to the unique security requirements of 802.11 networks (CWSP), plus network & protocol analysis (at the CWNE level).
Also very useful for the CompTIA exams and IT job skills technical training.

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