Social Work Clinical Board Exam Prep - Question List

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Scott has been in and out of traditional therapy with little effect on his problems. He feels the main focus is on the issue rather than the solution, and this tends to place him in a passive, helpless role. He already knows what is wrong but wants to move towards what is right. What goal would a clinical social worker aim for with this in mind?

  1. Solution building
  2. Positive attitude
  3. Cognition
  4. Structured therapy
Cassandra is a single mother who becomes upset with her clinical social worker when a referral is made for parenting classes. The client feels she is not a bad mother and there is no problem. 

Cassandra demands to see her records, but the social worker is concerned that some of the information found within may cause emotional harm. How should the professional deal with this problem?
  1. Inform the client to get a court order
  2. Warn the client and then make her a copy
  3. Clients are not allowed to see their records
  4. Read the records together to prevent confusion
3. Clinical social work services are being provided for a family referred due to child sexual abuse by a guardian. The perpetrator is currently in jail, but will be released soon due to a lack of evidence. The children are fearful of his return, and the mother still claims his innocence. An adult daughter contacts the social worker with reports of her own sexual abuse by the same man many years ago. Her testimony is consistent with that of the younger children, and the perpetrator is sentenced to more jail time. Why was this information not a violation of confidentiality?
  1. The judge ordered the testimony
  2. The other children consented
  3. The perpetrator had no rights while in jail
  4. It involved child abuse.

Clinical social workers often find themselves in dual relationships. The management of transference and countertransference cannot be ignored. Within the realm of child welfare, administrators play a vital role in what areas?

  1. Modeling, coaching, and engaging
  2. Knowledge and training
  3. Education and management
  4. All of the above
5. Child welfare practice is impacted by changes in laws or regulations and updated practice models. It is the clinical social worker’s dual responsibility to keep current on these topics and be able to explain them to clientele in a competent manner. Which resources should the social worker use to accomplish this feat?
  1. Professional journals
  2. Continuing education
  3. State and federal resources
  4. All of the above

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