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Paralegal Exam Prep Question List


The term "original jurisdiction" refers to the authority of a court to _____________________________.

  1. Hear and decide cases before any other court can review the case.
  2. Review decisions of lower courts.
  3. Hear virtually any case that arises in a geographical territory, unless another court has exclusive jurisdiction.
  4. Adjudicate disputes over property within a geographical territory.
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Which of the following is correct?

  1. Opposing counsel cited Brown v. Board of Education
  2. Opposing counsel sited Brown v. Board of Education
  3. The burglar accessed the building through an unlocked window
  4. The access work was reassigned to another paralegal
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A homeowner hired a contractor to build an addition on the homeowner's oceanside cottage. The contract required the contractor to begin the work on May 1 and complete the work by June 15. On April 25, a hurricane completely destroyed the homeowner's cottage. When the contractor failed to begin work on the addition on May 1, the homeowner filed suit against the contractor. This situation is most analogous to which of the following scenarios?

  1. A casino owner hires a magician to perform a magic show in the casino's entertainment lounge, but the entertainment lounge is destroyed in a fire two days before the contract was to begin. The casino owner then sues the magician.
  2. A homeowner hires a contractor to build an addition on the homeowner's suburban home, but a fire destroyed the home and the addition two days after completion of the addition. The homeowner then sued the contractor.
  3. A farmer hired a contractor to build an addition on the farmer's barn, but two days before construction was to begin, the farmer set fire to barn so he could collect the property insurance. The farmer then sued the contractor.
  4. A farmer fails to repair a fence enclosing a cow pasture, and a cow manages to escape from the farmer's property. The escaped cow is standing in the middle of the road when a driver hits the cow. The driver then sues the farmer.
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4 What is a legal encyclopedia?
  1. A primary source of law that provides background and explanatory information on state legal issues that can be relied upon by judges.
  2. A secondary source, organized by legal topics and issues, that serves as an index to case law by jurisdiction.
  3. A secondary source that provides background and explanatory information on legal topics.
  4. A secondary source that provides background and explanatory information on legal topics with references to case law and other legal authorities.
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5 At its most basic level, due process of law is intended to provide ______________________.
  1. Adequate service of process in criminal and civil suits.
  2. Protection against wrongs by other persons.
  3. Fundamental fairness.
  4. Economic fairness.
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