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NAPLEX Pharmacy Exam Prep

1 What do IND and NDA stand for respectively?
  1. Interdependent Nerve Disorder, Neurological Disease Activity
  2. Investigation Network Delivery, New Drug Application
  3. Investigation New Drug, Neurological Dosing Accuracy
  4. Investigation New Drug, New Drug Application
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3 Of the following lab values, which would be true in a case of iron deficiency anemia?
  1. Decreased MCV and an increased RDW
  2. Decreased MCV and an decreased RDW
  3. Increased MCV and an increased RDW
  4. Decreased MCV and an increased MCHC
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Rifapentine is a(n) (1) _____ used to treat (2) ______ and which rarely has the adverse effect of inducing (3) _______.

  1. (1) anti-tubercular mycobacterium infections
    (2) hematologic abnormalities
    (3) pancreatitis and hyperkalemia
  2. (1) Atypical anti-psychotic
    (2) mania and multiple personality disorder
    (3) arrhythmias
  3. (1) antibiotic fluroquinone
    (2) ophthalmic infections
    (3) hypomagnesemia
  4. (1) dopamine antagonist
    (2) Parkinson’s disease and seizure disorders
    (3) suicidal ideation
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5 Which of the following is a “high-alert” drug meaning, they can cause significant harm when used in error?
  1. Amiodorone, intravenous
  2. Tricalcium phosphate, PO
  3. Fentenyl, transdermal
  4. Gabapentin, PO
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