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Lactation Consultant Exam Prep Question List

21 You have accompanied your pregnant client to her primary care physician. Your client has a sore throat and a temperature of 102.6 degrees. A throat culture is done and it is positive for strep. The doctor recommends amoxicillin for the strep. Your client asks you if this is safe during pregnancy. What should you tell your pregnant client?
  1. Tell the client that they have to follow the doctor’s orders and not question the min any way.
  2. Tell the client that amoxicillin is considered safe during pregnancy.
  3. Tell the client that the amoxicillin is teratogenic.
  4. Tell the client that the amoxicillin is classified as a category D teratogenic.
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22 Your client has been breast feeding for 2 days. She states that her breasts feel lumpy. You should tell this mother that this lumpiness:
  1. Results from poor milk production.
  2. Occurs when the baby is not properly positioned.
  3. Occurs when the baby is not latching on properly.
  4. Results from breast engorgement.
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23 As a lactation consultant, according to the IBCLC, you have the professional and ethical duty to provide competent services, including those relating to your professional assessment. Which element of this assessment reflects minimal competency in this area?
  1. To resolve disagreements in the family and extended family relating to breastfeeding.
  2. The mother’s personal goals relating to breastfeeding.
  3. The education of the mother relating to breastfeeding in an unbiased manner.
  4. The grandmother’s views and cultural bias against breastfeeding.
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