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Criminal Justice Addictions Professional Exam Prep Question List


A seventeen year old girl is arrested for possession. She denies using drugs saying she was given some just before arrested. She is pregnant. Recently the procedure has been to jail pregnant chemical abusers until delivery to protect the unborn child. As this is the child's first arrest the judge is reluctant to do that. As your treatment center provides education to that precinct your center was called. What course would you advise?

  1. Administer the TWEAK and give the results to the judge to decide.
  2. Administer the TWEAK, interview the adolescence and parents to determine the extent of the drug usage. Recommend appropriate treatment outside of jail if the interview and assessment indicates a beginning drug dependency and one is available that is better.
  3. Do your best to persuade the judge to keep the adolescent in jail until delivery as releasing her would put the child at risk.
  4. Talk to the parents about begging the judge to refer the adolescent to your treatment center as you treat adolescents and have a good program.
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A heroin addict has been sentenced to a half way house following released from jail a year. He had a history of many arrests and long term drug usage. What are best choices to follow to promote continued chemical abstinence? Choose those that apply.

  1. Do nothing. He will probably not stop until the effects of the drug levels out and stops giving relief. Expect him to return to jail,
  2. Enroll the man in a methadone program.
  3. Watch behavior and take unscheduled urine samples; give him one relapse chance, with the parole officer's permission.
  4. Require weekly attendance to NA meetings and counseling.
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3 In a Service-driven case management model if a client quickly enters substance abuse treatment what might be his or her motivation?
  1. To avoid being arrested as his lab work is going to show positive and he is on probation requiring a clean state.
  2. The client wants to try again.
  3. You very likely will not know.
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In motivational interviewing which term is not recommended?

  1. Homosexual
  2. Person first language
  3. Schizophrenia
  4. Alcoholic
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What items are counselors not expected to evaluate in monitoring the effectiveness of case management activities for individual clients?

  1. Groups of clients entering treatment
  2. Interviews
  3. Case management activities
  4. The father's job performance
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